Myrtos Beach

This famous beach is the “trademark” of Kefalonia

Saints Theodore Lighthouse

One of the most well known attractions of Kefalonia

Atheras Beach

The sandy beach of Atheras in Kefalonia

The beach of Limenia in Kefalonia
  • The beach of Limenia is located close to the port of Poros and belongs in the municipality of Eleios Pronnoi. It is a picturesque beach with pebbles and crystal clear waters. It is known in Kefalonia for the undersea rocks and the greenery that surrounds it. You will find it in the route from Skala to Poros.

    You can reach Limenia easily because there is a paved road passing beside the sea. It is not an organized beach and usually preferred from people who are looking for peace and isolation. The panoramic view in the sea and the beautiful pebble beach will offer you incredible moments of joy.
    Next to the beach you can find many isolated and beautiful beaches such as Kako Lagkadi, Ragia and Makria Petra. You can discover the hidden beaches and the bays by renting a boat, sea bicycle or cano.

    In the area of Limenia you can find all you need for your stay. There are many rooms for rent, hotels and apartments. The beach of Limenia is an ideal destination for peaceful and relaxing holidays.