Myrtos Beach

This famous beach is the “trademark” of Kefalonia

Saints Theodore Lighthouse

One of the most well known attractions of Kefalonia

Atheras Beach

The sandy beach of Atheras in Kefalonia

The cave of Drogarati in Kefalonia
  • The cave of Drogarati is located in the village of Chaliotata, in a distance of 3 km from Sami. It is one of the most beautiful natural attractions of Kefalonia. It is close to the Lake of Melissani and it is a strange geological phenomenon. It was discovered 300 years ago when a part felt because of the powerful earthquake and thus created the current entrance. The cave is operated by the community of Chaliotata, under the supervision of speleologist Mrs. Anna Petrochilou.

    Drogarati cave dates back over 100 million years and it is one of the oldest caves in Greece. It has height of 120 meters, a depth of about 95 m, average temperature 18 degrees Celsius and 90% humidity. The speleologists have found that the cave is extended but without being possible to access further more and possibly connected with other caves in the area.

    The internal of the cave is rich in stalactites, stalagmites and small lakes that impress visitors. One stalactite grows at an estimated rate of 1 cm over 100 years. Unfortunately, many stalactites have been broken by earthquakes and human activity. The cave offers an enchanting sight and you can enjoy its excellent natural decoration.

    The cave of Drogarati is open daily to the public and has an experienced staff. In the big hall of the cave (about 900 sq m), called Apotheosis, because of its excellent acoustics, concerts and events are being organized. The tour in the cave is completely safe and worth visiting during your holidays in Kefalonia.