Myrtos Beach

This famous beach is the “trademark” of Kefalonia

Saints Theodore Lighthouse

One of the most well known attractions of Kefalonia

Atheras Beach

The sandy beach of Atheras in Kefalonia

The Monastery of Saint Gerasimos Omala in Kefalonia
  • The Monastery of Saint Gerasimos is located in the area of Omala, at the foot of the magnificent Mount Ainos, near the village Fragata. The monastery is built in a beautiful location that is surrounded by vineyards. Saint Gerasimos is the patron of Kefalonia and his relic is kept incorruptible in a silver casket in the monastery.

    In 1560 Saint Gerasimos founded the monastery, by renovating an older one, which was dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Gerasimos Notaras, a monk from Trikala Korinthias, founded a significant nunnery with multimember fraternity and called it New Jerusalem. Inside the old church of the monastery you will find the entrance to the cave where the Saint lived as an ascetic. The only way to access the cave is by a medium hole.

    Locals honor Saint Gerasimos by organizing two processions during the year. The first one takes place on 16th of August, the day of his death, and the second on 20th of October, the day they recovered his relics. The relics of the Saint are carried about 500 meters from the church to the big plane with the well that is believed the Saint dug himself. Pilgrims from all parts of Greece come to venerate the relics of St. Gerasimos, which are considered miraculous.

    The Monastery of St. Gerasimos is open daily from 4:00 to 13:00 and from 15:30 to 21:00.