Myrtos Beach

This famous beach is the “trademark” of Kefalonia

Saints Theodore Lighthouse

One of the most well known attractions of Kefalonia

Atheras Beach

The sandy beach of Atheras in Kefalonia

The famous resort of Fiscardo in Kefalonia
  • Fiskardo is a picturesque village in the north part of Kefalonia, in Erissos, and one of the most famous tourist resorts of the island. It is located 50 km from Argostoli, built in the place of ancient Panormos and the only place in Kefalonia that survived from the severe earthquake of 1953. Nikos Kavvadias, a Greek mariner-poet who praised the sea, is connected with Fiskardo as his father’s origins come from this place.

    The graphic port of Fiscardo connects Kefalonia with Ithaca and Lefkada and has won an international fame in the field of maritime tourism. In the port you will see moored yachts and vessels of famous celebrities that visit the island regularly. Its name comes from the Norman adventurer Robert Guiscard who in 1085 tried to conquer the island but remained until his death.

    Your stroll in the cosmopolitan Fiscardo will be unforgettable. The atmosphere is ideal, the place is full of life and the view to the Ionian is magnificent.  Walking in the graphic streets of Fiskardo will give you the opportunity to admire traditional restored mansion houses with beautiful balconies. The area has many gift shops, taverns, cafes and apartments for a pleasant stay.

    During your stay in Fiskardo you can go for swimming in the beaches of Eblisi and Foki that combine natural beauties and clear shallow waters. The most important attractions in Fiscardo are the Roman Cemetery and the historic Monastery of Themata. This famous destination will fill you with unique pictures and wonderful moments of relaxation.